Realm of Gods: A Unique Strategy and Action-Adventure Play to Earn Game


1. Realm of Gods is an upcoming multiplayer game built for PC console that offers an immersive experience to players, with its unique combination of strategy and action-adventure gameplay. The game is based on the premise of gods and goddesses from 5 different mythologies fighting for dominance in the medieval era. The players are required to raid other mythologies and pillage their defenses while earning rewards.


1. The game’s setting is unique, as it is based on the mythological world, which offers a fresh perspective to the players. The game’s mechanics are focused on strategic gameplay, which involves planning and executing raids on other mythologies. The players are given the option to vote on which mythology to raid(only legendary and rare gods), and after confirmation, an email is sent to all the players in the attacked mythology, giving them six hours to prepare and buy traps and deploy them. 2. The game rewards players for their actions, with players earning 40% of the game. This means that players can earn rewards by breaking equipment and by destroying defenses and traps. Additionally, 5% of the game’s profits each month are distributed to the players of the most dominating mythology (3%)and the top 30 players from all mythologies(2%). 3. Players can reach the top 30 by earning experience points, which are gained by killing, destroying, and purchasing-upgrading . They can also upgrade their characters(maximum level is 100) to increase the percentage they earn, with the maximum percentage increasing from 40% to 50%(Common characters can reach 45%. Legendary characters can reach 47.5%. Rare characters can reach 50%). Human characters can be upgraded to earn from 15% to 25%. Players can upgrade their weapons to become more powerful, with a maximum weapon level of 100. 4. The game contains an elixir of life that revives the player instantly, eliminating the 12-hour wait time required after dying. The game’s defenses include barricades made of wood, metal, and concrete, spiked pits , and various other traps, including webs and booby traps.

Characters and Weapons:

1. The game has over 10,000 playable character, divided into 2000 Gods and Goddesses distributed as 200 legendary Gods and Goddesses, 600 rare ones, and 1200 common ones, and the other 8,000 are distributed as humans. There are also various types of armor available to the players, including leather, steel, chainmail, helmets, and shields. 2. Weapons are divided into seven categories, including Long Swords(24.8%), Maces(12.7%), Battle Axes(24.8%), Katana Swords(2.8%), Spears(12%), War Hammers(10.5%), and Bows with unlimited Arrows(12.4%) making a total of 15,000 Weapon available in the game. Each weapon has a maximum level of 100, and players must match the Weapon’s level to the god’s level to achieve the weapon’s maximum potential. Different types of armor affect the motion and protection of a player, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Graphics and Engine:

1. The game will be built using Unity, which will provide a high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay experience. The players will play the game from both 3rd and 1st point of view, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

Targeted Audience:

1. The game is targeting mainly gamers from the Icon ecosystem and is planning on building a bridge to other Blockchains such as polygon/avalanche/Ethereum. The release of BTP and cross-chain will make it easier to connect but connecting Realm Of Gods to other Blockchains is not dependant on them.


Character: 15$ Weapon: 10$ Elixir of life: 0.15$ Barricade: Wood Barricade: 9.5$ Metal Barricade: 15$ Concrete Barricade: 60$ Spikes: Wood Spikes: 1$ Metal Spikes: 1.5$ Hidden Wood Spikes: 5$ Hidden Metal Spikes: 7.5$ Traps: Webs: 0.1$ Booby Traps: 0.3$ Hidden Spiked Pit: 0.35$ Armor: Helmets: 0.5$ Shields: 0.75$ Leather Armor: 1.25$ Steel Armor: 1.75$ Chainmail Armor: 2.5$ AI Soldiers Soldier wearing Leather Armor: 12$ Soldier wearing Steel Armor: 14$ Soldier wearing Chainmail Armor: 17$ Weapon Upgrade (maximum level: 100) Common weapon: 1$/Level and it increases 1$ after every upgraded 10 Levels. Full upgrade: 550$ Legendary weapon: 2$/Level and it increases 2$ after every upgraded 10 Levels. Full upgrade: 1100$ Rare weapon: 3$/Level and it increases 3$ after every upgraded 10 Levels. Full upgrade: 1650$ Character Upgrade (maximum level: 100 ) Common character: 1$/Level and it increases 1$ after every upgraded 10 Levels. Full upgrade: 550$ Legendary character: 2$/Level and it increases 2$ after every upgraded 10 Levels. Full upgrade: 1100$ Rare character: 3$/Level and it increases 3$ after every upgraded 10 Levels. Full upgrade: 1650$ 

Chosen Mythologies and characters:

 1. Mythology : Norse mythology -gods: Odin (legendary) + Thor(rare) + Loki (rare) + Heimdall (common) + Baldur(common) +Njord (common) +Freya(common) +Ymir (common) 2. Mythology : Greek mythology -gods: Zeus(legendary) + Poseidon (rare) + Athena (rare) +Hera (common) + hermes (common) + Hesita (common) Eros (common) + Heracles(common) 3. Mythology : Egyptian mythology -gods: Ra(legendary) + tefnut (rare) + Atum(rare) + Osiris (common) Set(common) + Geb (common)+ Anubis(common) + Isis(common) 4. Mythology : Canaanite mythology -gods: Baal Hadad(legendary) + Anat (rare) + Eshmun (rare) + Milcom (common) +Adon (common) + kothar (common) + chemosh (common)+ Atar’atah(common) 5. Mythology : Indian Mythology -gods: Brahma(legendary) + Shiva(rare) + Ganesha (rare) + Hanuman (common) + Kali(common) + kamadeva (common) +Durga (common)+ Rama (common)


Part-1 NFT and Website Launch : - NFT contract - Craft integration - Website Launch - Owners can view their NFT’s - Secured NFT reveal logic - Collection Explorer Part-2 Gaming Part *Character + Game Development : MVP phase :- - NFT loading in game - Initial contract on mainnet - Detailed scene and character movements - Basic animation *Legendary Characters Loading Only* Phase 2 :- - Ingame UI update - Ingame MVP marketplace - IPFS node and architecture - Data indexer setup for the graph - Character weapon logic in smart contract - Character weapon system (includes animation and other logic) *Rare and Legendary characters only* Phase 3 - Fighting engine launch - AI enemy characters - Marketplace revamp and finalizing launch - Character + Weapon updates and levels - Consumable weapons *Rare, Common and Legendary character playable* Phase 4 - Feedback based updates - All mythology character available - Contract auditing and finalization Conclusion: Realm of Gods is a unique game that combines strategy and action-adventure gameplay in the world of mythological gods and goddesses. With its immersive gameplay, high-quality graphics, and unique setting, Realm of Gods is set to offer an unparalleled gaming experience to players. The game’s mechanics, rewards system, and character development offer an engaging experience that will keep players coming back for more . 

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